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Tim Mossman knows what it feels like to learn a new language. He learned to speak Japanese while living and working in Oita, Japan. But Tim doesn't use words like <b>difficult</b> or <b>challenging</b> to describe his experience. Rather, he says living overseas and learning Japanese completely changed his life and contributed significantly to who he is now.
Bonita Strumpher has one word for her Englishtown students: <b>Amazing!</b> <br/><br/> "I think learning a new language can be daunting," she says. "And I am continually amazed at the hard work that so many Englishtown students put into their English studies."
Brooke Broekmann loves water sports, traveling, and her beloved hometown Cape Town, in South Africa. She also really loves teaching. As an online teacher and manager of Englishtown's South African Center, Brooke spends her days helping hundreds of students worldwide improve their English.
What do you look for in an English teacher? Someone who puts you to sleep with boring lessons? No way! If you want a teacher full of passion, enthusiasm and concern for students, look no further than Daniel Easson. You can find him in the Englishtown Virtual Classroom!
If you think you don't have access to native English speakers where you live, you clearly haven't spoken with Nick Withycome. No matter how remote your location is, you can attend Nick's conversation class, speak with him, learn from him and be friends with him. How can Nick be all over the world at once? Through Englishtown's online virtual classroom!